Men's Bliss V-Neck Tee grau

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Intro Line/Subhead: Pure Bliss included. Chest hair optional. Why You’ll Love It: What’s not to love? The lightweight Bliss V-Neck Tee provides breathability and air flow that keeps you cool and (bonus!) has you looking even cooler. And, to save you time, the signature Zumba® logos are on the front and back so you don’t have to field a ton of questions about where you nabbed this perfect tee. • Casual fit • Signature Zumba® logos printed on front and back • Crafted for breathability and air flow

• 65% polyester • 35% soft-to-the-touch cotton

Measurement XS S M L XL
Length26 1/2"27 1/2"28 1/2"29 1/2"30 1/2"
Hip26 1/2"27 1/2"28 1/2"29 1/2"30 1/2"