Galaxy V-Bra Top blau

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Slip into the Galaxy V-Bra Top and take the worry, worry, worry out of having any embarrassing moments while you shake, shake, shake. The color blocked waistband adds a pop of color, while the classically cut silhouette and Invista Supplex® (consider them your planetary (anti) bouncer) makes sure everything is stays put (if ya get our drift)! • Color blocked waistband

MADE WITH LOVE AND: • 90% Nylon • 10% Spandex • *Invista Supplex® * Invista Supplex® is a luxuriously soft yet ultra-durable Supplex-Lycra blend; a quick-drying performance fabric with generous stretch and full recovery. You get the feel of cotton with the benefits of advanced fiber technology, such as high resistance to wind, moisture and abrasion, as well as odor resistance.

Measurement XS S M L XL XXL
Length9 1/2"10"10 1/2"11"11 1/2"12"